We provide the foremost in private protection & security services available today. Whether your concerns are for your company, yourself, your family or your event. Through corporate protection and global travel measures, we will handle every aspect of your travel from your arrival to your departure and all the fine details in between - full security concierge services. We source Protection Specialists that are the most highly trained professionals and dependable private agents available from Miami to Hong Kong on land, sea or air.

We provide the ultimate in security and confidentiality that you demand; thereby, creating the "peace of mind" you deserve. Our mission is to pro-actively insure the complete and total well being of our clients while within our unique and highly protective circle of dedicated specialists. Our impressive list of clients includes celebrities from movies to television, touring groups, solo artists, company CEOs & executives, pro athletes, politicians & royal families.

A service becoming increasingly popular is to hire your own personal Sydney Bodyguards. A perk once reserved for the elite, wealthy or star, body guarding services in Sydney have now become a commercialized service being offered to visitors and individuals who look to make their night extra special.

The men are suited and ready to service your every need inside the nightclub standing effortlessly by your side protecting for assists and bottle service. In addition, the added attention you receive from girls passing pay or those next to you will leave a smile on your face for the next few days.

With Kadupul you won’t enter the Sydney nightclubs empty handed. Sydney Bodyguards know the terrain, helping you to get acquainted every step along the way.