About Us

Providing the highest level of concierge services, Kadupul Services is dedicated to the needs of both corporate and private clientele. With a personal touch and enthusiasm uncommon in a world accustomed to self service and automation, we offer a broad range of services from exotic nightlife, travel to special event coordination to destination management to private staffing to interior design services to luxury real estate.

Our resources are the most in depth to handle all personal and corporate requests.


Welcome to the world of Kadupul, the leading luxury Members Only Concierge Club. Founded in 2010 by Rahmy Hanna, Kadupul has been providing Members with its award-winning lifestyle management and concierge services for more than a three years, offering specialist advice, insider access and exclusive benefits.

Our concierge service covering every facet of the luxury lifestyle market, including Evening

Entertainment,Travel, Luxury Yachts, Real Estate, Wine, Art, Luxury Retail, Events, Public Relations, Publishing and more.

What’s more, we cap the number of Members we assist, guaranteeing that you receive only the highest quality service, and making a Kadupul Membership truly exclusive.


The beauty of the blooming Kadupul Flower is unmatched in the eyes of many. The simple reason: it is completely priceless. Blossoming just before midnight and perishing before dawn, the rare bloom of the Kadupul flower is one of the most desirable and valuable on earth, a once in a lifetime experience.

Just like the Kadupul bloom, we aim to give you an experience that will stay with you forever, truly once in a lifetime.

Kadupul Lifestyle is led by Sydney’s most popular bachelor Rahmy Hanna. The driving force within an exclusive VIP scene, Rahmy’s resources, networks and access to Sydney’s social elite is unrivalled. He provides a Members-Only Concierge that is in true Kadupul style, priceless.



Kadupul is a way of life: we’re service orientated, dynamic and entrepreneurial,
maintaining integrity in our internal and external relationships.
We work together as a global team, sharing responsibility, passion and expertise.


Our mission is to go above and beyond our Members’ expectations.
We aim to deliver an unrivalled personalized service, always going that extra mile.
We are committed to the notion that quality matters, bringing you only the very best.
We’re driven by aspiration and innovation, resourcefulness and access, fostered through our global network.


To guarantee consistent and exceptional Member Experiences at all times throughout your Membership.

Kadupul is committed to delivering

  • Ensuring YOUR contact with our Member Assistants at all times is:

1) ACCESSIBLE ‘Round-the-clock’ instant access to customer service professionals (‘Member Assistants’) who are knowledgeable, fully trained, and committed to delivering service excellence to YOU, wherever YOU are in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. General Membership Level provides a reactive service. Dedicated Membership Level provides a personalized service. Elite Membership Level provides a proactive bespoke service.

2) ENJOYABLE Courteous & professional Member Assistants. Friendly & personalised – exhibiting personality & character, not ‘automated’ or ‘call-centre-like’ following prescribed scripting.

3) TIMELY Updates on request status as frequent as necessary to keep YOU properly informed.
Request status updates available, 24/7/365, wherever YOU are in the world.
Request completion timeline agreed upon between YOU & Member Assistant – met or updated accordingly and within your agreed timing requirements

4) CONVENIENT Experienced Member Assistants asking relevant & detailed questions at the point of initial discussion according to request-type, saving YOU time and preventing delay and unnecessary on-going communication. Lifestyle appropriate – contact method as preferred by YOU (email or telephone) and as dictated by request-type (e.g. last minute, urgent, emergency). Detailed confirmation and reminder of request booking arrangements upon completion of request; including cancellation policy, booking reference numbers, and booking terms and conditions.

5) VALUABLE & RELEVANT Understanding YOUR lifestyle wants and needs, and providing ‘Insider’ objective supplier recommendations, based on YOUR personal preferences & interests– using network of legitimate, trustworthy & reliable Local suppliers. Knowledgeable advice using internal team of Specialists in their respective fields. Source of diverse information, from suggesting luxury, unique and/or hidden gems, to providing relevant alternative options should YOUR first option not be available. Tailoring suggestions & making arrangements to meet YOUR needs, not ours or those of our suppliers & contacts. Providing on-going, added-value supplier benefits to YOU, based on what YOU value – be it saving time, money, or both!


  • RAHMY HANNACo – Founder
  • BEN ELLIOTFounding Director
  • Paul DrummondGroup Commercial
  • Jon ScottFinance Director
  • Anthony BrookeNon-Exective


Handling & fulfillment of YOUR requests with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, as well as cultural considerations and awareness at all times.


Swift acknowledgement of YOUR experience related concerns by your Member Assistant and Head of Member Assistants where necessary, personalised handling & investigation by appropriate Kadupul team member, committed to acting in YOUR best interests at all times. Complaint status update throughout entire course of complaint – no need to chase. Follow up post-complaint resolution to ensure service excellence re-instated.


Regularly contacting YOU directly via telephone, email or in person, from appropriate Kadupul team member throughout duration of YOUR membership to gauge the quality of YOUR experience. Thanking for and swift acknowledgement of YOUR feedback. Investigation, evaluation and follow up, where appropriate. Implementing new Member experience-related initiatives where required.


Member calls are recorded for training purposes and to ensure that we strive for service excellence.

Cultivating & promoting an internal corporate culture of never-ending service evaluation & improvement.

Continuous pursuit of cutting edge, ‘insider’ and hidden gem finds throughout the world to share with YOU to help you experience more in YOUR everyday life.