Event Management

The difference between a great show and a spectacular show is the execution of your idea That difference is no more than 2% of all the work involved. That extra 2% is what distinguishes anything spectacular, and it is that 2% where Kadupul distinguishes itself.

From design, setup, show-running to packdown we make sure that we do that little bit extra to make your event look and feel amazing. For any event you are creating, whatever vision you are trying to achieve, we have the knowledge and experience to help you pull it off.

At Kadupul, we have been fortunate to produce a variety of high profile events around the globe. From luxury product launches to elaborate charity events, weddings, social gatherings and even intimate private dinners, we have been privileged to be involved in the production of some the most exclusive and innovative events around the globe. If you can dream it, we can do it. Kadupul has the experience and resources to take your event from concept to reality. Our event solutions are designed to deliver more than entertainment, more than luxury venues or elegant catering.

From staffing, meticulous planning, itinerary development and flawless execution; all our personal and corporate events include the superior service, personal attention, and inspiring design that have become Kadupul's signature.

Our event planning solutions offer the complete turnkey solution that covers every aspect of a clients' event, turning ideas into realities.

Whether you are building employee, client or family relationships, our experienced team has created events in every corner of the globe, building some of the worlds most impressive and creative event solutions. Our local knowledge and expertise combined with our global network and resources spans over 100 combined years of corporate event planning experience as well as 10,000 international and domestic partners; all of whom are dedicated to providing flawless design, management and execution.

Our experienced event management team help, design and execute each aspect of a client's event while taking care of every detail from design and budgeting to vendor coordination and more. As a global leader in event management, our events are only limited by your imagination. Learn more about our professional event management solutions and discover the simplicity of Kadupul.

A few examples of the way Kadupul can assist with and enhance your events

Event Design

Event design is the foundation of event planning and it is critical to the smooth implementation of your event.

Whether you need to maximise the space in a small venue or you have to manage an extensive multi-room show, we will create a plan to your needs. We want you to build your event with the confidence that every technical detail is under control and the event is coming together exactly as you want. It's all part of letting you focus on the important things.

Technical Direction

Merging the creative world with reality can be a difficult task. Tight budgets and venue restrictions can stifle the creative process you need to bring your vision to life.

All of our Technical Directors have extensive event experience and strong technical backgrounds. They have the know-how to create solutions for any problem, and they will work with you, from first contact to final call, to create an event that excites both you and the audience. On time, On budget, and On message.

On-Site Technical Management

On the day, we will work with you, the venues, the operators and the crew to ensure your event happens the way you planned.

Our people have the technical knowledge and event experience to manage large scale multi-day events and to rapidly enact any changes as they happen. We want you to be certain that you get exactly the show you want.

Webcasting, Video & Teleconferencing

Need to broadcast your event live? Satellite, Videoconference, Teleconference or Webcasts, Kadupul has been coordinating such systems for several years. Call us to find out how you can take your event global.